Gold Crown Foundation History

Gold Crown Foundation, a Colorado nonprofit 501c3, offers youth sports and education programs to nearly 20,000 boys and girls annually throughout Colorado and the surrounding states.  Founded in 1986 by former Denver Nugget player and coach, Bill Hanzlik, and his business partner Ray Baker, Gold Crown Foundation’s mission statement is “Educating Youth and Community Through Sports and Enrichment Programs.”  Through our Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Educational and Miscellaneous Programs, we teach youth life skills and  grant almost $100,000 in scholarships annually to Colorado kids, ages  6 – 18.   Gold Crown operates three complexes; Coca-Cola All-Star Park, Jr. Golf Learning Center and Gold Crown Field House.  The 56,000 square foot Gold Crown Field House has approximately 500,000 participants and visitors come through its doors each year.  The facilities allow for youth participation in a clean, safe, and one of a kind environment.  Gold Crown Foundation has made a significant impact on youth and their communities across Colorado since 1986.

Gold Crown Foundation Timeline

1986: Founded in 1986 to offer girl’s basketball camp
1994: Expanded to year-round basketball operations
1998: Opened Coca-Cola All Star Park in Lakewood, Colorado
1999: Added junior golf programs
2000: Added volleyball programs
2002: Broke ground on Gold Crown Field House
2003: Added technology and art classes, our first “non-sports“ programming
2003: Opened Gold Crown Field House
2007: Opened Junior Golf Learning Center
2009: Hosted National Wheelchair Basketball Association National Championship
2014: Gold Crown Enrichment hosts the Annual Computer Clubhouse with participants from 20 counties
2016: Celebrate our 30th Anniversary!