Gym Rats


Does your child have a passion for the game of basketball?  Take their game to the next level with Gym Rats, an hour long weekly basketball series for younger age groups. Each night will feature 30 minutes of skill work followed by 30 minutes of contests. There will be a strong emphasis in fundamentals and understanding the game, while making sure the kids have fun each night. Gym Rats is geared towards beginner – intermediate basketball players. 

Stay tuned for our next Gym Rats!

Camp Focus 


Skill work includes but limited to:

  • Dribbling/ball-handling
  • Fundamentals of chest pass and bounce pass
  • Shooting technique
  • On the Ball Defense

Weekly Contests

  • Hot Shot
  • King/Queen of the court
  • Knock out
  • 3-on-3/4-on4 scrimmages