Participation Scholarship Application

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Gold Crown Foundation has always made it a point to offer financial assistance to any team/participant in need.  It is very important to us that no child lose the opportunity to participate due to financial hardships.  While we cannot always meet the exact request of each application we will always make every effort to work with the applicant to find a solution.


To begin the process please fill out the application form below.  Upon submission we will review your application and respond back within 7-10 days with your specific approval information.  Approval info will include a unique registration code that can then be entered at the time of registration and will reduce your entry fee by the scholarship amount you were granted.


Questions about our scholarship process please contact us at 303.233.6776.

Application Guidelines:

*Scholarships are granted on an as needed basis only.

*Scholarships are only for Gold Crown participation fees and cannot cover non-participation fee expenses.

*Scholarship tiers are fixed and no custom scholarships will be granted.

*Scholarships are granted to the parent for individual based events and coach/team parent for team based events (tournaments).

*Scholarships can only be granted if you have created an account within the Gold Crown registration system.

*All scholarship applications must be submitted before the registration deadline for that event.

Scholarship Application Form