This pre-season tournament is for club and school teams, participating in the Gold Crown Premier League, the Gold Division of the Gold Crown Competitive League, or any other league for 5th – 8th Grade Teams. There is only one division per grade level and gender, and there is NO 60% Roster Rule for this tournament.  All teams are guaranteed four games in a pool play and bracket play format. Games will be played at the Gold Crown Field House and other local high schools as needed.  The Rocky Mountain Hoops Classic is our most competitive pre-season tournament and not recommended for silver level teams. Registration is team based only, and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

2 team openings:
7th grade boys
8th grade boys
Email Us if you are interested!

$385/team registration fee
*No daily admission fees for any spectators all weekend long!

Tournament Dates:
November 30 – December 3


Players are eligible to play on multiple teams as long as the teams are not in the same division (i.e. a player participating in the 5th Grade Division can play on a 6th Grade team, but cannot play on two teams in the 5th Grade Division).

Tournament Schedules