2015 Spring Hoops Classic

Spring Hoops Classic


The Spring Hoops Classic is for boys and girls club and school teams U12 through U17.  This is an open tournament with limited roster restrictions (i.e. no 60% roster rule).  It is a great way to warm-up for your spring and summer club basketball season! Each level features one division, with the exception of U17 which will have two divisions.  Players are eligible to play on multiple teams as long as the teams are not in the same division.  Note: Recruitable high school seniors are eligible for this tournament.   All teams must be paid in full prior to the tournament start in order to be included in the game schedule. Tournament features the “Gold Crown Assist Program,” where your program and obtain a rebate for playing in the tournament!


Dates and Registration

Boys and Girls: April 10-12, 2015


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