December 8-17, 2017

*Competition will consist of 5th-8th grade boys and girls teams that participate in the winter Competitive League.

*Teams will provide volunteer scorekeepers.

*Officials working at the Gold Crown Field House will be provided with a complimentary water or sports drink for each shift worked.

*Tentative schedule will be available two weeks prior to event start date.

Holiday Tournament

Game Rules

Game Sites/Locations

Gold Crown Field House (Lakewood)
Other Sites TBA

Dates & Times

Fri., December 8 (4:45pm-10:30pm)
Sat., December 9 (8:00am-10:30pm)
Sun., December 10 (8:00am-9:00pm)
Mon., December 11 (4:45pm-10:30pm)
Tues., December 12 (4:45pm-10:30pm)
Wed., December 13 (4:45pm-10:30pm)
Thurs., December 14 (4:45pm-10:30pm)
Fri., December 15 (4:45pm-10:30pm)
Sat., December 16 (8:00am-10:30pm)
Sun., December 17 (8:00am-9:30pm)