A certified Athletic Trainer is present at the Field House for all Gold Crown Events! 


Helpful articles for your child!

Sports Dehydration Safety Tips – To keep kids in top shape for sports, it’s important for them to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Here are some great tips to stay hydrated.

Stretching For Athletes – Stretching boosts muscle flexibility and range of motion, which not only amps your performance, it minimizes the chance of sports. Learn more about good stretching habits here.

Sport Specialization – One or One Too Many? – The multi-practices per night scenario plagues many young athletes today and can result in the athlete choosing to specialize in one sport.

Signs of a Concussion in Young Athletes – Immediately after a significant head injury, a young athlete should be evaluated to determine if they have suffered a concussion. Learn some red flags here.

How To Be a Positive Parent of a Young Athlete – Here are some tips for being an encouraging and supportive and fan of your child athlete.


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