Back-to-School Safety During the Coronavirus

As summer winds down and school is on the horizon, two issues weigh heavily on parents’ minds: What will education look like this fall, and what’s best for my child and family during the coronavirus pandemic?


At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we want to help parents and caregivers make informed decisions based on facts, and we know that every family’s situation is different. For some families, working from home, virtual learning or homeschooling are viable options. Other families are choosing for kids to return to school for social interaction with peers and in-person learning. And for others, schools play an essential role in children’s access to technology, mental health services, physical exercise and food.


In short, we also know that parenting is hard, and parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic is even harder. So to help prepare your family for the school year, we rounded up our experts to address frequently asked questions from real parents – all focused on keeping precious little minds and bodies healthy.

We are grateful for our partnership with Children's Hospital Colorado and the resources they provide for the families in and around Colorado, such as these.