Family Life During the Coronavirus: Adjusting to a New Normal

Life for many families is drastically different now than it was at the beginning of March. With efforts mounting to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, or COVID-19, kids are out of school, parents are working from home, and government officials have instructed that we stay at home except for when we need to complete essential activities like going to the grocery store. Each day seems to bring new and unique challenges for everyone.


There are ways we can adjust to our new normal and get through this time together, even while physically distancing ourselves from others, but it might require us to think outside of the box.


Experts with Children's Hospital Colorado's Pediatric Mental Health Institute have pulled together a list of popular questions from parents during this time. They've gathered some creative solutions, but there are tons more out there. Encourage your kids and your entire family to brainstorm new and innovative ways to connect.


View top questions from parents.


Additional resources for the coronavirus


From answers to parents' top questions to important phone numbers to know, we've gathered the coronavirus information you might need during this time and put it all in one place.