Healthy Phone Use Tips For Teens, Parents, Teachers

Teens are on their phones a lot. That's nothing new, but how how much is too much? Would regulating phone use in teens help with some of their stress? These questions, and more, are being posed by Colorado Public Radio as part of a months-long series about teens and stressors. The first chapter looks at phone use. Check out some helpful tips below from CPR Health Reporter, John Daley.

Many teens say they think they’re on their phones too much and many of the parents we spoke to for our series Teens Under Stress said they weren’t sure how to help them manage their use. In schools, teachers, principals and other educators described similar struggles. The phone evaded their best attempts to understand and regulate its use.


So as part of our reporting, we asked people what they’d found that did help. Here’s what teens, parents, educators and experts had to say about regulating phone use. Read more...


Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash