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Thank you for taking a moment to get in touch with us. If you have general feedback for the foundation, please fill out the feedback form. If you have questions or would like to contact a specific department or staff member, you can find their contact information below.


Facility Contacts

Field House
Lost & Found:
303-233-6776 x 2

All-Star Park
Rain line:



Clubhouse @ Edgewater



Admin Office



Department Contacts

General Information:

Gold Crown Basketball:

Gold Crown Enrichment:

Gold Crown Facilities: 

Gold Crown Golf:

Gold Crown Officiating:

Gold Crown Volleyball:

Executive Team

Bill Hanzlik
Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder
303-773-1442 x 223

Kevin Petty
Executive Director
303-773-1442 x 242

Tara Leipheimer
Director of Finance
303-773-1442 x 238

Fran Baker
Director of Enrichment

Development Department

Coby Chaney
Development Director
303-773-1442 x 239

Meghan Overton
Marketing Director
303-773-1442 x 226

Tawny Vessey
Grants & Communications Director
303-773-1442 x 245

Sports Department

Jeff Petty
Director of Sports Operations
303-773-1442 x 235

Mark Rusch
Sports Program Director/Outreach
303-773-1442 x 234

Ross Stebbins
Sports Programs Assistant Director
303-233-67762 x 138

Brian Lee
Sports Program Director/Officials
303-233-6776 x 136

Facilities Department

Dillon Barkman
Facilities Director
303-223-6776 x 230

Cara Curtis
Assistant Facilities Director
303-233-6776 x 227

Kent Fellhauer
All-Star Park Supervisor

Enrichment Department

Tamera Sakotas
Enrichment Assistant Director
303-223-6776 x 219

Adrian Collier
Clubhouse Coordinator/Field House
303-233-6776 x 221

Galen Shoe
Clubhouse Coordinator/Edgewater

Cassandra Rivera
C2C Pathways Coordinator
303-233-6776 x 222

Calista MacHarrie
Mentor IMPACTS Coordinator
303-223-6776 x 218

Brittany David
Enrichment Staff