We are proud to assign officials “in-house” for all of our Gold Crown Basketball games played at the Gold Crown Field house. This helps us increase accountability as we continually evaluate our officials and improve the relationship between officials, parents, coaches, and players. We value all officials as an important and integral part of the experiences we provide to the youth that participate in our programs.  As youth sports begins to approach a significant shortage of officials, the research suggests that part of this is related to the verbal abuse and hostile environment some officials experience. At Gold Crown we recognize that our basketball officials provide a very important service to the game and the youth that participate in our programs. Ultimately, our officials are on the court to help the children learn the rules and how to play the game the right way. Without the men and women that officiate we simply wouldn’t be able to operate the best youth basketball program in the state.


Thank you for providing feedback about a Gold Crown Official. Please complete the form below with accuracy and honesty about your experience during your basketball game. In order for us to benefit from your feedback, we ask that you provide as detailed information as possible. After submitting your feedback, someone from the Gold Crown staff will follow up with you.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT accept video evidence as part of the review process. We will only review feedback that is in writing.

New Officials

  • Make your own schedule
  • Stay involved with the game you love
  • Give back and help the next generation or basketball players
  • Earn $25 per game, base pay
  • Additional Training available through the Gold Crown Academy
  • No experience required
  • Interested? Please fill out Interest Form link below
  • New Official Resources

Current Officials

  • Work youth basketball games from 2nd – 12th grade
  • Be a positive role model for the participants
  • Gold Crown Basketball leagues and tournaments
  • Majority of games at the Gold Crown Field House
  • Be a mentor to new rules coach's
  • Give back to the community
  • Work your way up to high school/college

Professional Development

Gold Crown Officiating is committed to much more than simply assigning basketball games. Our Officiating Department is unwavering in our commitment to improve the general state of officiating across all of Colorado. Through professional development in the form of educational videos and resources, our Gold Crown Officiating Academy’s and shared feedback, we hope to witness a positive impact across all levels of officiating throughout the greater Denver Metro area.

Professional Development Resources