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Self Care To Me Is…

At Gold Crown Foundation, we aim to practice what we preach. For Mental Health Awareness Month, we asked our staff what they do to put themselves first. Take a look at what self care means to the GCF staff. What does self care mean to you?

Being intentional about taking time for myself to reset by doing things I enjoy like being outside & hiking!
-Alyssa, Assistant Facility Director

Enjoying the Colorado outdoors with family.
-Ross, Assistant Program Director

Taking really artistic pictures of my dog, Dexter.
-Brittany, Clubhouse Coordinator (BBTTC)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, and by trying to look like Michael Jordan. Why do you think my head is bald?!
-Jeff, Sports Operations Director

Watching my kids play sports they love!
-Coby, Development Director

Carving out the time to do something by myself for myself. It is all about getting it on the calendar and then loving yourself enough to honor the appointment.
- Tamera, Enrichment Director

Hitting the slopes as much as possible in the winter. I love spending time in the CO mountains.
-Tara, Director of Finance

Exploring nature with my family.
-Galen, Clubhouse Coordinator (Edgewater)

Gardening! We started a pepper garden this spring and are so excited to make salsas, pickled peppers, and tons of other yummy things with our home grown produce.
-Alexis, C2C Pathways Coordinator

Getting outside with family and friends! Going to the mountains to ski, hike, or just spend some quality time in the car on I-70!
-Keira, Social Media & Marketing Intern

Spending time with my family cheering for our favorite teams!
-Tawny, Communications Director

Moving my body everyday! These days it's typically a walk vs. a workout, bonus points if it's during "golden hour." Endorphins make you happy!
-Meghan, Marketing Director

Taking time off to enjoy Las Vegas with my wife!
-Mark, Sports Programs Outreach Director

Many things...one of those being isolation. Taking a moment to be alone so you can reflect on your past doings and future actions.
-Oscar, Assistant Clubhouse Coordinator

Enjoying the Colorado weather on the golf course.
-Kevin, President/Executive Director

My Pilates reformer, one of my most prized possessions! I first was introduced to Pilates as therapy when suffering chronic back pain and it is now my “go to” workout option that I really love!
-Fran, Impacts Director