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Health Huddle Timeouts: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

The Gold Crown Health Huddle was created in 2019 because we know that as a leading youth organization in this state, our job is not simply to run a basketball tournament or a STEAM camp. We want to make sure we’re addressing the whole child.

That’s why the Health Huddle exists.

For almost two years we’ve promoted mental health, healthy habits and sports performance to the community at large. Now, we’re narrowing our scope to target smaller populations and get in front of our key demographics with strategies and tactics they can use every day.

This is where Health Huddle Timeouts begin.

Timeout. Typically negative, right? Well, Health Huddle Timeouts are the opposite. A chance to forget about stressors and worries of everyday life, even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes.

So what’s the goal?

Coaches: Take 10-20 minutes out of your practice and just connect with your players on a different level. Ask them about their day. Ask them how they’re REALLY feeling. Find things they’re interested in outside of sports and talk about those interests.

Parents: Take some time at home or on the way to/from school to have open conversations with your family. What are you excited about today? What was everyone’s favorite part of the day? Was there anything that made them mad or sad?

Players: Connect with your siblings, friends and teammates and ask about their day or how they’re feeling. Did anything good happen to them that day? Did something negative happen that they want to talk about? Having casual conversations can help your peers open up to you if they ever feel down or need help from someone they trust.

Health Huddle Timeouts can happen anywhere. The important part is the connection made between you and the people in your “timeout.” They may start as casual conversations about light topics, but then transition to more serious topics that may be tough to talk about. Being comfortable to share how we’re really feeling may not happen overnight, but consistently talking about our lives can have a large impact on our mental health.

So, start today. Set aside time for a Health Huddle Timeout. You might be surprised how 10 minutes of open conversation can make someone’s day better.