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Keep Her Confident, And In The Game

If you missed the Superbowl commercials, one is necessary to watch. Dove has collaborated with Nike with their #KeepHerConfident campaign, and it directly touches on our mission of providing opportunities for female youth through sports. The steady decline of girls in sports is widely acknowledged, yet the underlying reasons may be different from what you think.

45% of girls are quitting sports – and low body confidence is the #1 reason why. - Dove

Body Confident Sport

Research from Dove and Nike shows that half of teenage girls drop out of sports due to body image concerns at 2x the rate of boys. Additionally, 46% of girls dropping out were told they do not have the right body for sports, while 49% of girls dropping out were mocked, criticized and bullied because of their body size. This is not okay.

It’s time to stand-up and make a difference in order to show young girls the benefits of youth sports and physical activity vs. the current negative perceptions. As a coach or as a parent, here are three steps you can take.

What can you do to keep her in the game?

  1.  Share our body confidence resources with a coach

Why? Because 61% of girls would be interested in hearing from their coach about body confidence education. The link features evidence-based downloadable tools for coaches to promote positive body image in athletes and build girls’ body confidence through in-person coaching. Share the tools with a coach.

  1.  Learn how to support her

Let her know unwanted body attention is never her fault. Make her coach aware of any issues. Remind her that capability isn’t defined by appearance. Reassure her that any body can be an athlete. Show her diverse female athletes. Enjoying sports is for all body types. Create “body talk” free zones. Remind her to avoid social comparisons and focus on her abilities. Reassure her that her sporting enjoyment is completely unrelated to her appearance.

  1.  Stay connected and get more info

Parents and coaches play an important role in reducing body insecurities and boosting girls’ body confidence. Subscribe to our newsletter for important Body Confident Sport news & updates.

Information from #KeepHerConfident Dove Campaign

Gold Crown Programs

The good news is we offer programs year-round for girls at all levels of play. If they are new to the sport or looking for a more advanced option, we have them covered. Keep an eye out for:

Volleyball Leagues (spring, fall, winter)
Her Time To Play (girls only basketball clinics + leadership workshops)
Youth Development Basketball Leagues (all girls divisions for 2nd – 3rd grade)
Summer Basketball and Volleyball Camps

Or check out our Calendar for all upcoming programs!