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C2C Pathways Program Inspires Teens

Have you heard what the Gold Crown Clubhouse is up to? Outside of their regular programming, students, mentors, teachers and professionals are coming together for the C2C Pathways Program to provide teens with real world job experience.

What is the C2C Pathways Program?
A year-long program for approximately 20 teens, ages 16 – 21. It is broken down into three parts, workforce development training, job shadowing and a summer internship. The purpose is to prepare Clubhouse members for the professional world in areas of their interest and arm them with the skills needed to succeed.

Part I: Workforce Development Training
The first five months of the program consists of workforce development training. Clubhouse teens meet at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center in the Gold Crown Field House where they learn from current professionals and mentors. These mentors and professionals share their skill-sets and experiences in order for our teens to be prepared in the workplace.

Part II: Job Shadowing
Starting in February, our teens “graduate” from training and enter the workplace in a job shadowing environment.  Four different job shadowing “tracks” will be available in order to highlight real-world career experience. Emphasis is on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) based careers with a focus on helping the youth learn basic skills necessary to execute their job shadowing project. Client partners will generate an idea for a practical-use projects that the C2C Pathways Program members will work together on in a team-based project. Thank you to our wonderful job shadowing partners: Children’s Hospital Colorado, IFuzion, Integer, FirstBank, Tribal Zyphers and Denctv App.

Part III: Summer Internships
Stay tuned as we follow along the teens through the rest of the C2C Pathways Program, including their summer internships. We can’t wait to share what their experiences are along the way. We would like to thank Best Buy and APEX Systems for extending summer internships to the C2C Pathways Program participants.

If your company would is willing to support the program through internships, contact crivera@goldcrownfoundation.com or visit the C2CPathways Page.