C2C Pathways To Success: College Acceptance

The C2C Pathways to Success program focuses on the transition from either "Clubhouse to Career" or "Clubhouse to College." The teens selected for this program each have their own goals and aspirations and we strive to give them the tools and experience they need in order to succeed in life.

We are extremely proud to announce that seven of our current C2C participants have found pathways towards higher education. This is the largest number of C2C Pathways participants who have been accepted into college within one program year. Throughout C2C, we focus on college readiness and career development, but also value the impact that one-on-one, individualized counseling and instruction can provide. Our enrichment team, along with dedicated community volunteers like Susan Hunt and Freddy Burciaga, have strived to make the college application process accessible to all of our youth. With each participant, we customized our approach in assisting them with applications, essays, financial aid, scholarship applications, class registration, and so much more.

We are constantly impressed at the motivation and determination of the youth we work with and know they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Congratulations to these bright, young individuals.