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Career Pathways: Alternative Energy Inventors

Once again, our BBTTC Career Pathways teens never cease to amaze us. This year, in partnership  Project Invent and the Department of Energy, they were tasked with inventing an energy efficient product and developing a mock business around it. The class was broken into four departments led by outstanding mentors; Engineering, Finance, Marketing and HR. They have been working tirelessly over the past few months and we are excited to reveal their final work.

The engineering team developed Tydal, a power generating water turbine for residential use. Water turbines work by converting potential water powered energy into mechanical or electric energy. Not only did they brainstorm a product that would help the world, they implemented the design and made it happen.

The finance team helped make sure they stayed on budget, the marketing team developed plans to spread the word about Tydal, while HR ensured the company was inclusive and ran effectively. It was a true team effort!

Carson and Brendan, two members of the Engineering Teams, also presented their final design in nationwide virtual competition hosted by Project Invent in May. The contestants consisted of eight high schools, each with a piece of physical technology with the goal of changing the world. Our team won an award in  Creative Exploration in Technology, as the judges were very impressed with their mission to develop alternative energy devices using natural resources. They were also awarded $500 to continue their research or go towards technology needs at the Clubhouse. Way to go!

Lastly, we cannot thank our mentors enough for their commitment to the Career Pathways Program! Thank you too our engineer mentors, Mya and Brianna, our finance mentors, Tara, J.T., and Darren, our marketing mentors, Zach and Ryan, and our HR mentor, Tamera. We couldn't do it without you!