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25th Anniversary – Deb & Sam

Debbie and Samantha Deem are no strangers to Gold Crown Basketball. Since 1990, Debbie has been one of our standout coaches at the Denver Nuggets Hanzlik Hoops Camp. She started coaching when she was playing for the University of Colorado (class of 1991). Deb continued to coach each summer as her kids grew up playing in the camp, and later recruited Sam to coach the past two summers. When it comes to the Competitive League, Sam is a proud member of the Gold Crown class of 2013 (where her mom was also her coach). After a quick break, Deb is back in the league coaching her daughter, Sydney. Read more on their story.

GC: What is your favorite memory about playing Gold Crown basketball?
Sam: I have been competing against the same group of athletes over all my years playing Gold Crown Basketball. It has been playing against them each year as we move onto playing at the next level.

GC: Where are you now and what are your plans for next year?
Sam: I am a senior at Horizon high School, where I scored my 1000 career point (congrats!) this season. I have signed my letter of intent to continue my basketball career at the University of Denver in the 2019-2020 school year.

GC: When did you know that you loved the game?
Sam: It was the summer going into my eighth grade year. I figured out basketball was something I could strive and excel at and I loved playing.  The next few years I spent most of my spare time on my court in my backyard becoming a better shooter.

GC: What is your favorite memory about coaching Gold Crown Basketball?
Deb: I love to see girls improve and the giant smiles that spread across their face when they have a good defensive stop.  Sam likes to be a good role model for younger girls and to make connections with them both on and off of the court.

GC: What made you first decide to coach youth basketball?
Deb: I have loved the game since I was in middle school and after finishing my own playing career I wanted to help teach other's how to play and to get better.

GC: Any advice for younger players today?
Sam:  Truly figure out if you love the game and if you do, do everything in your power to push yourself day in and day out.  But don't compare yourself to others! Compare yourself to the person you were the day before.

We couldn’t say it better than that! Good luck with the rest of your career, Samantha. You are a great role model and it is clear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.