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Inspiring Internships and Partnerships

Meet Kristin! She joined the Clubhouse to College/Career Pathways To Success Program at the age of 21 with a dream of working with preschool age children. While she had a vast array of volunteer experiences in the community, she was often asked to sort food or clean spaces instead of engaging deeply with the children she longed to work with the most. Eager to assist her with making her dreams come true, we sought out the perfect internship match for Kristin. The Rise School of Denver is an inclusive non-profit preschool serving children 12 months to 5 years with and without disabilities.  Kristin came on board as a teachers’ assistant. She led art projects, kept kids safe on and off the playground, worked with children in learning groups, helped set up for naptime and brought her skill of sign language to a community who embraced that mode of communication.

With summer internships being an integral part of the program, it is essential that it is a mutually beneficial partnership. Kristin not only made an impact on the kids she worked with on a daily basis, she also left her mark with the staff at Rise.

"At Rise, our mission and hearts are dedicated to creating a sense of belonging for all who are a part of our community- creating places where people with disabilities are a valued and integral part of the community. Having Kristin as a part of our teaching team this year has not only given us a chance to model that for our kids but also for our community at large. "- Kat Murphy-Woo, Assistant Director of Child Care Operations


"Kristin is such a bright light and we were lucky to partner with her this year at Rise. She brought silliness and fun to our classroom. The kids are going to miss all of the fun games and play she contributed to our class."- Andrea, Classroom Teacher

Most importantly, Kristin loved her experience participating in the program and interning at Rise School. We think it's safe to say she is one step closer to achieving her dream. Gold Crown is honored to be part of her journey.

"I love working with the kids by supporting them and keeping them safe. I loved doing art projects with them!" - Kristin


"The staff at Gold Crown was phenomenal.  I thought it would be a challenge, but they welcomed my daughter into their college and career program without a second thought.  The staff paired her with others each and every step of the way and made the program work for my determined young adult, who is more of a visual and hands-on learner. The attitude was one of ‘anything is possible’!  There was always an energy of unity, collaboration and determination in the classroom.  Gold Crown accepts everyone and does not discriminate; they believe that everyone should be accepted for their abilities versus their disabilities.  What a great experience for the other participants too! Students were a part of the example of helping and mentoring others, caring and working with others.  These young adults were able to see that it is not a challenge to accept others, but an opportunity to improve oneself.”  - Carol LaRue, mother of Kristin