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C2C Pathways – Field Trip To Apex Systems

Our C2C (Clubhouse to College/Career) Pathways to Success program is back in full swing for 2019. This year, 13 Clubhouse members and alumni are in the program which focuses on professional development and workforce readiness skills. As part of the monthly workshops and field trips in Phase 1 of the program, the group took a field trip to Apex Systems to work on effective interviewing skills.

What did they experience?

The youth met in office boardroom to learn more about the recruitment process Apex deploys to match qualified candidates with IT jobs. Apex Systems is the 2nd largest IT staffing and servicing firm that connects top talent with clients across the United States.

How did they learn?

C2C members rotated through three stations with current Apex employees.

  1. Q&A with employees about the best practices for being interviewed.
  2. Job shadowing with employees to see what they look for in candidate resumes prior to bringing them in for an initial interview.
  3. Part 1: Observe employees demonstrating a mock interview for a position Apex would recruit for. Part 2: Participate in a mock interview for the same position.

The experience was instrumental to the members as they improve their professional development skills and prepare for entering Phase 2 and 3 of the program.

A huge thank you to Apex Systems for your time, expertise, and gifts to the youth (new backpacks filled with professional supplies including personal planners, notebooks, pencil cases and $60 gift cards to Best Buy).  We are also very appreciative to Jay’s Valet for providing transportation to and from Apex System’s office for all of the members.

Are you interested in learning more or getting involved with C2C Pathways for Success? Visit our page for more details.


  1. CHRISTIE HICKSFebruary 20, 2019

    Hi back about five years Fran was there and she was in charge of the Arts programs I’m wondering if they still have art programs looking to teach students as well as get my art products out in our community

    1. Meghan OvertonFebruary 20, 2019

      Hi, Christie. Fran is our Executive Director of Enrichment. We are always looking for mentors at our programs. I’ll send you an email connecting you with our staff. Thanks!

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