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25th Anniversary – Luke

Meet Luke French! Luke is a part of the Gold Crown Class of 2000 and grew up playing for the Heritage Feeder Program. As another multi-sport athlete, Luke played baseball in high school and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2004. He continued his career playing 10 years of professional baseball for the Tigers and the Mariners. He’s now a proud dad of two and works for JE Dunn Construction.

GC: What do you remember most about playing Gold Crown Basketball?
LF: I remember the tough competition and friendships I made along the way the most. Gold Crown always fielded competitive teams that challenged my abilities and ultimately made me a better basketball player.  I also think of the many friendships I made throughout the years and to date, my best friends are those whom I took the court with.

GC: Why did you choose to play multiple sports as a young athlete?
LF: Sports are fun, plain and simple! I played because I love to compete, be active and mostly, I loved playing with my friends. Not everybody is going to be an NBA All-Star, but everyone can enjoy the fun, competition and comradery that sports allow for. Regardless of what level you’re playing at.

GC: How did playing sports prepare you for what you’re doing today?
LF: First of all, sports taught me work ethic. I always assumed that there was someone out there better, more talented and working harder than me. That assumption drove me to push myself beyond my comfort zone in order to grow, improve and achieve my goals. Secondly, sports taught me how to deal with failure.  Nobody is perfect and there are going to be times when you fall short.  Those failures create an opportunity to get back up and learn so you can continue to get better every day.  This does not just apply to the sports world but applies to any type of work, job or anything in life.

GC: As a youth sports parent, what are you looking forward to the most with your kids?
LF: I’m looking forward to my kids continuing to grow and having fun at what they choose to do.  Watching my (3) year old daughter score a soccer goal or my (7) year old son make a basket is priceless.  As long as they continue to have fun, work hard and smile, I can’t ask for much more than that!

We can’t wait to see Luke’s kids following in his footsteps and playing Gold Crown Basketball in a few years!