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25th Season Stories – Christian

Christian McCaffrey may break tackles every Sunday as the starting running back for the Carolina Panthers, but he started his athletic career breaking ankles on the basketball court in the Gold Crown Competitive League. We reconnected with Christian to learn more about how Gold Crown and basketball helped him become the athlete he is today.

GC: What was your favorite part about playing Gold Crown Basketball?
CM: Hanging out with my best friends and teammates every Sunday, while playing multiple basketball games.

GC: How did youth sports prepare you for your career today?
CM: They taught me life lessons, such as how to compete and trusting your teammates. I also developed many athletic habits that I still use today.

GC: Why did you choose to play multiple sports growing up?
CM: I loved playing all sports, I didn’t want to choose at a young age what to play.

GC: Do you have any advice for youth athletes?
CM: Find something you love, and attack it every single day with an unmatched enthusiasm. Never be satisfied and always strive to be better. Most importantly, have fun.

GC: What’s your favorite thing about Colorado?
CM: The people, I love going home and visiting my family and friends who still live there. I hope to move back one day.

Thank you for being an excellent example for Gold Crown kids. Good luck with the rest of your season!